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Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is rapidly growing. It is predicted that more than one Trillion devices will be connected by 2025. We NewBee Technologies Annanagar,Chennai, provide practical approach towards trainings in this Internet of Things course, you will learn about the major components of the Internet of Things and how data is acquired from sensors. You will learn about Networks, protocols and basic software for the Internet of Things (IoT)

Level -I


  • NodeMCU Getting Started and Web Server Application
  • Introduction
  • Installation for Windows
  • Arduino Sketch Installation and NodeMCU Implementation
  • NodeMCU Pinout
  • Web Server Application
  • Web Site Design
  • Arduino Code and Running of Application

Level -II

IOT using Raspberry Pi

  • Understanding the concept of SOCs and Embedded OS
  • Basics of Embedded
  • Integrating Electronic modules with Raspberry Pi
  • Integrating with your program
  • Understanding and implementing IoT protocalls

Level -III

IOT using Wireless Technologies

  • Bluetooth (In Depth)
  • ZigBee
  • Wifi Module
  • Accessing internet through GSM
  • ESP 8266

Level -IV

IOT using Microcontrollers and Sensors

  • Understanding and practically using basic electronic components.
  • Designing and realizing simple and complex embedded systems
  • Interfacing different kind of sensors with microcontrollers
  • Controlling and interfacing Integrated Circuits with microcontrollers
  • Programming using Embedded C

Level -V

IOT using Wireless Tech

  • IoT using Wireless Technologies
  • IoT Protocols
  • IoT for Industry 4.0