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A growing number of young professionals today are hoping to master the nuances of embedded systems, a technology which is expected to grow exponentially in the global market place. According to Industry researchers and analysts, the need for professionals in this area of expertise will be keep rising manifold in coming days. TES is now offering courses geared towards meeting this rising global demand.

Introduction to various technologies in Electronics
Analog, Power and Digital electronics basics
Comparison of different technologies
Introduction to embedded system
Importance and evolution of Embedded system
Comparison with other technologies
Different architectures and elements used in embedded system
Introduction to 80XX/89XX architecture
Comparison of CISC with RISC based systems and Microprocessors
Harvard versus Von Neumann
RAM, FLASH, UART and other peripherals
Pin configurations of Microcontrollers
Interrupts, timer, Counters
Introduction to ATMEL programming KIT
Introductions to Embedded C
How to Create project
How to Create source file
How to generate hex file
How to debugg
Interfacing LED
Interfacing 7-Segment display
Interfacing Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Interfacing a Keypad
Interfacing Relay
Interfacing ADC
Interfacing Sensors
Interfacing DAC
DC motor
Stepper motor
UART (Serial Communication)


State-of-art Embedded CAD tools

   Keil IDE

   Flash Programmer

Hardware tools

   ATMEL Education Kit